I haven’t posted for a while, but I am back! With reviews! So I finally got around to getting a gel manicure. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, because I hate having to wait for my nails to dry and it always chips, but never had it done before. Last week, I finally did! I got Shellac, which is a brand name of a type of gel polish, and promises to stay on for at least 2 weeks without chipping, with others getting more ware. I’ve had this on for 5 days now and so far have had no chips, flakes, scratches or anything.

(Yes, this is the new Miss Manga mascara! Review to come soon)

So I’m going to go through what happens in a Shellac/gel manicure. First of all you go in, and you pick your colour (I chose red, obviously), and your nail technician files your nails for you and cleans up your cuticles. Then they put a base coat on.

Here’s where it deviates fro the norm. Instead of waiting for it to dry, you then put your hand into a UV lamp while the other one is done, and swap hands. When you take it out, it’s perfectly dry. The colour is then applied, followed by UV lamp, swap hands, and then a second coat. Again when removed, the nails are perfectly dry. I then had a transfer applied to my fourth finger, which is optional, then the top coat, UV lamp, and afterwards, the technician seals it with something else. You then get some handcream applied as usual in a manicure

I was really unsure at first, disbelieving that they were dry despite being assured I could literally do whatever, and they were fully set. But I tried to forget I’d had them done and just go on as normal. 5 days later they’re still on, perfectly, and require no maintenance. I’ll definitely be getting these redone! 

Please be aware if you have this done, you have to get them removed professionally! If you try to do it yourself at home, you can damage your nails. What do you think of gel manicures?

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